Save the Butterflies

Colorful butterfly in watercolor Premium Vector
(Above) A beautiful painting of a colorful butterfly.

Like the Merrimack River cleanup, saving the butterflies is another thing that the G.D.A. is working on.  Now, you might ask, What is the G.D.A.? Well, if you’re asking that, please go watch the video on the home page, read the About Us page, or read the Merrimack River Cleanup page.

Okay, have you done that yet?

Well then, let’s get going!

Do you know those ads on TV for weed killers that are “safe”?  Well, I wouldn’t be so sure that you should trust the ads.  Those have glyphosate herbicides in them. Glyphosate herbicides are chemicals that are very dangerous.  They’re in most weed killers that you see on TV.  The weed killers may kill weed, but they also kill other things.  Butterflies are dying almost every day because of these horrible little jugs of liquid.  Now, if you use this type of weed killer and you didn’t know that it was dangerous, that’s alright.  I just wouldn’t advise you to use it anymore.

Butterflies are dying because the pesticides kill milkweed, the food for butterflies.  The fungicide also can kill bees.  It hurts everyone around us.  There  once was this one story that I heard about a woman walking her dog.  Her dog started going crazy and the owner was very worried. The person on the lawn nearest to the pair said “Oh, I just sprayed weed killer on my lawn.”   Weed killer is terrible, and it can even cause cancer.

Now, it’s a big problem, but you can help.  Yes, you!  Inform everyone you know, especially citizens who own and use weed killer.

Thanks for listening!

Ava Valianti

(Above) A monarch butterfly sits peacefully on a flower.


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