A Plastic Ocean

(Above) Ava points up to what her piano teacher, Penny Lazarus, has found on the beach and collected. A lot of trash is seen in this picture.

It’s not just the Merrimack that has a problem with pollution.  Most water sources in the world- including our oceans- have a problem with trash.  I go to a piano studio with a wonderful teacher named Penny Lazarus.  Every year, she has a theme while we play the melodic piano.  This year, she decided that the theme would be to help the sea turtles by using paper straws instead of plastic ones.  Practicing and doing different things could fill a spot on the bingo chart we had, and filling a row would get you a paper straw.  When I finished the whole chart, I got a gift card for the Harbor Creamery®  in Newburyport, the amount of money being enough to get a milkshake there.  A perfect way to use those straws! Currently, we’re raising money for a music studio on Easter Island that was made out of plastic!   They made the best of what washed up on their shores.  Penny is such an amazing person.  She really wants to help the world in so many ways and I’m so lucky that she’s my piano teacher!

Now, the pollution in our waters is a very big problem, and you might be wondering how.  Well, I’ll tell you.  The ocean life could accidentally swallow a straw or balloon and die.  Some of you can also get your drinking water from the ocean, but even cars can end up in the sea, along with rust.  Well, you know how bad rust in your water could be.  But you yourself can help.

How can you help?  If you want to go big, you can go help clean the ocean, or raise money, something like that.  But being practical, you can also get canteens instead of plastic water bottles or buy paper straws. Things like that can also make a huge difference.

Thank you so much.  I hope to see you soon!

Ava Valianti

(Above) Penny Lazarus puts up many pictures like this outside her studio.
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