Hello!  This is the Domino of Good Deeds!  Thank you for coming on this website.  I’m sure you’re wondering what this whole non-profit is about if you haven’t watched the video yet!  Well, we’ll tell you!  But first, let’s talk about how this all came to be.

The creator, a fourth grader, Ava Valianti, got this creative idea one morning as she sat down for breakfast with her mother, excited to talk to her.  They chatted about many things, and Ava expressed that she wanted to do a lot.  ” Mom, I want to end climate change!” she told her mom, earnestly.  ” Also, I want world peace!  Let’s end world hunger and thirst!  Poverty too!”  Ava’s mother was impressed that she wanted to do so much, but told her that maybe she should start by helping her community.  Suddenly, the concept came to her.  ” It was like a light bulb in my mind,” Ava describes.  “That gave me my idea!”  And she was off!

(Above) Fourth grader Ava Valianti, founder of this non-profit, smiles for the photo.

Now, we’ve gotten to the point where the answer to this question is: What is this website about?  Well, we have the answer for you.  It’s to help the community as much as we can.  Say that there’s a family with a mother, father, and two little kids.  The mom is sick and in the hospital.  The family doesn’t know what to do because she basically runs the family, keeping everything in order.  They need help.  That’s where we come in.  We can make them meals and send them over, carpool the kids, or drive the little ones to the hospital so they can see their mother and give her their “Get Well Mommy” cards.  Another example- there’s a fire in the neighborhood, at someone’s house.  After the fire, we could come salvage anything we can, as well as set up a Go Fund Me® account for the family who’s house has been burnt down.  Anything we can do to help.  Even if it’s something like a soup kitchen that doesn’t have enough volunteers, write to us in the comment section and we’ll be there on the double!

Also, my friends and I have created an organization called the “Good Deed Association”, G.D.A. for short.  We’re focusing on problems like the pollution in the Merrimack River and saving the butterflies by not using weed killers with glyphosate herbicides in them.  But you can learn more about that in the other sections of this website.

Lastly, you might be wondering why this is called “A Domino of Good Deeds”.  Well,it’s because if you do something good, someone is most likely to pass it on. It’s like a chain of dominoes, and that’s what this is all about.  We can change the world for the better, one little deed at a time.

Thank you so much!  I hope to see you soon!

Ava Valianti

(Above) An inspiring quote.
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